Memorial Museum at Ryoma’s Birthplace

Building Appearance at at Ryoma’s Birthplace

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The museum opened in Kamimachi, where Ryoma was born and raised.

His childhood is introduced through images, sound, and CG.

We recommend taking a commemorative photo next to the seated statue of Ryoma in the inner garden.

TOSA fiefdom “SAMURAI” Culture of Sakamoto Ryoma

Sakamoto Ryoma

Sakamoto Ryoma paved the way in forming a transition from feudal times in Japan to the Meiji constitutional government, and hence to today’s democratic republic.

On November 15, 1835, at the end of the shogunate system in the Edo period, Ryoma was born the son of a low-ranking samurai of the merchant class in Honcho-suji below Kochi Castle. Ryoma defined himself through the practice of Japanese swordmanship overcoming his youthful timid crybaby character.

In 1861, he joined the Tosa Royalist Party.

Ryoma decided to leave the clan and reject the restrictive status of clan samurai after many incidents, including exchanges with like-minded samurai from other clans and becoming a disciple of Katsu Kaishu, a shogun vassal.

Historically, Ryoma achieved much that led to the framework of modern Japan, such as establishing a private navy, founding the first trading company, Kameyama Shachu, as well as forming the Satsuma-Choshu Alliance and returning political power to the emperor.

On November 15, 1867, he was assassinated at the age of 33 at Omiya in Kyoto along with his trusted friend, Nakaoka Shintaro.

Three months after his death, the new Meiji government was established.

Ryoma’s way of life, his principle of living according to his beliefs, his fearlessness in the face of change, and his humility still attract the hearts and minds of many people to this day.



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Senior Citizens (65 years of age or older) 150 yen

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“Pendoku”, a multilingual audio guide is available for easy to understand explanations of the exhibits in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean.

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■ Location: 2-6-33 Kamimachi, Kochi City 780-0901 Japan

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■ Public Transportation: 15 minutes by streetcar from Kochi Station,
get off at the Kamimachi 1-chome stop.